2020 Advantage Health LI

A Chronic Illness Special Needs Plan for residents of Nassau and Suffolk. Has a great benefit in the Part B Premium Giveback of $300/year.

General Details

This is a great plan at a great price designed specifically for those with Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disorders.  There’s no plan premium so all you have to do is continue to pay your Part B premium.  Better yet, there is a $25 per month Part B premium give back that puts $300 per year back in your pocket.  You get all the benefits of Original Medicare plus much, much more; vision, dental, and alternative medical treatments are all available.  You also get Part D Prescription Drug Coverage included at no additional cost to you.

$300 per year Part B premium give back
Low, Low Co-pays
$0 Co-pay Preventive Care
$0 Co-pay for PCP office visits
$0 for Many Generic Drugs
$90/Quarter Allowance for OTC Meds
Gym Membership
and Much, Much More

Plan Documents, Plan 003


Service Area

Nassau or Suffolk County New York


Must be eligible for Medicare Parts A and B and reside in Nassau or Suffolk county New York.  Must also be diagnosed with Diabetes and or Cardiovascular Disorders


$90/Quarter Over-the -Counter Medications and Supply Allowance

$200/Year Transportation Allowance

$50 Monthly Gym Membership Allowance