2018 Advantage Health LI

This is our Chronic Illness Special Need Plan for Nassau and Suffolk Counties. There is no plan premium and many copay are $0. Indeed, this plan has a $300 per year Part B premium give back.

General Details

This is a great plan at a great price designed specifically for those with Diabetes or Cardiovascular Disorders.  There’s no plan premium so all you have to do is continue to pay your Part B premium.  Better yet, there is a $25 per month Part B premium give back that puts $300 per year back in your pocket.  You get all the benefits of Original Medicare plus much, much more; vision, dental, and alternative medical treatments are all available.  You also get Part D Prescription Drug Coverage included at no additional cost to you.

$300 per year Part B premium give back
Low, Low Co-pays
$0 Co-pay Preventive Care
$0 Co-pay for PCP office visits
$0 for Many Generic Drugs
$90/Quarter Allowance for OTC Meds
Gym Membership
and Much, Much More

Because this is a Chronic Illness Special Need Plan you may be able to enroll at any time throughout the year.

Service Area

Nassau or Suffolk County New York


Must be eligible for Medicare Parts A and B and reside in Nassau or Suffolk county New York.  Must also be diagnosed with Diabetes and or Cardiovascular Disorders


$90/Quarter Over-the -Counter Medications and Supply Allowance

$200/Year Transportation Allowance

$50 Monthly Gym Membership Allowance